Voyages : 3 jours à Bologne


Première ville de notre séjour italien.

N’espérez pas voir des photos de spaghetti à la bolognaise. Malgré ce « tenace » cliché italien, la dénomination n’existe pas à Bologne (on parlera de « Ragu »). D’autres plats aussi parfumés et savoureux peuvent y être dégustés.


Bologne présente plusieurs facettes aux visiteurs.

On admire les vestiges médiévaux comme en témoignent les tours jumelles penchées (Tour Asinelli et Garisenda) et l’architecture différente des autres villes italiennes.

La promenade se déroule à l’ombre des nombreuses arcades.

On découvre le quartier étudiant avec les murs des universités recouverts de messages et d’affiches revendicatifs.

Enfin, du haut d’un toit, on admire la ville baignée par une lumière déclinante.



Travel : South Korea

It’s been a while we posted anything here. It is always the same, your work takes more time and concentration, and then when you come home you’re just lazy and not very motivated about doing anything.

This is why holidays have been invented. Here is our first post of the year: Pictures we took in South Korea this summer.

I could talk about South Korea for hours but, if you only need to know one thing about South Korea it is about the Koreans, one of the most polite and helpful people I have ever met. We tried to talk Korean (but we’re bad!), at least to thank them. They always came to us to help finding our way in Seoul.

You have certainly heard about PSY (Gangnam Style) this year. When you listen to the guy, he is always calm, thankful, respectful and nice to everybody. He’s Korean!

Some of my friends told me that Asia is like that, friendly and helpful people everywhere. I know where I’ll go for my next holidays.



Woman Portrait: Valentine in Dublin

Valentine likes Life: she is always smiling and laughing. She is very energetic and can't stay at the same place for a long time. That is why we choose Windmill Lane as a photo-shoot spot. 

A lot of vivid graffiti are painted on the walls and on the pavement. Even the parking meter is covered in paint. 

Until rencently a music recording studio was located in this well-known street. U2 recorded some of their first albums here, included "The Joshua Tree".

After a walk on the Liffey bank, we decided to finish the photoshoot at Trinity College, which is the oldest Irish university. 

The red bricks buildings and the light of the sunset gave a particular atmosphere to this area.

We really had a great time during these few hours. Thank you to Valentine.


Woman Portrait: Anne Claire in Dublin

I met Anne-Claire when I was studying in Paris. We began to be friends very quickly and had great time together. Now, even if we don’t live near each other, we are still in touch.

Few weeks ago, Anne-Claire came to Dublin to visit us. We tried to show her a quick view of the city and its area. So, we had a walk in St Anne’s Park on Saturday afternoon. And we went to the Wicklow the day after. Monday was a girl day: shopping and chit-chat.

As you can see below, I took the opportunity to have a new model to make new photos. Anne-Claire is a very smiling and positive person. She likes laughing and making jokes.

Thank you Anne-Claire for this week-end. And next meeting in April for sureicon wink Woman Portrait: Anne Claire in Dublin


Couple Portrait: Anne-Claire and Gavin

In the last post, you saw some pictures of Anne-Claire’s family shooting. During this shooting, I also photographed her husband and her, as a couple.

Since their wedding, they haven’t had a lot of pictures of them together. They really appreciated this opportunity.

While I was taking their pictures, I was touched to see so much passion between them. They kissed each other as a young couple and exchanged loving looks.

Thank you for this great time.




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