Photoshoot in a Car Park

Saturday evening. 9 pm. I was on the sofa, reading a woman magazine. But I was thinking: what I would do afterwards? I didn’t want to go outside and have a drink. Neither watch a movie nor read a book. Suddenly I had this idea: do some pictures in the car park downstairs. I know it is less romantic than Connemara or less smart than some areas in Dublin. But, a car park has very interesting geometric lines and the light gives a particular atmosphere to the pictures. As usual, I need a model. “Honey, what are you doing right now? I have a great idea, but I need your help”. So, because my bf is a nice guy, we were in the lift few minutes after.

During one hour, we played with arrows, with neon lights and exit signs. I tried to take photos with different perspectives. So I took pictures lying on the floor, far away from my bf, or higher than him.  When we had around 100 pictures on the camera, we decided to go up. We were very exciting to see the result on the computer and edit some of these pictures.

F a c e b o o k