Portrait and Landscape Photography : St Anne’s Park and Bull Island

There is something really great when you are a photographer based in Dublin: when it's not raining, you have a lot of outdoor activities.

I never had the opportunity to live near the sea before. If you had, you know this is a particular way of life, you can have long walks on the beach,
you can go to see the seals, some will enjoy fishing, others will go surfing !

For this particular photo shoot we mixed two things you can do in Dublin: we went to St Anne's Park and then we finished the session by a small
shooting on the beach (Bull Island).

At the beginning of the shooting, the light wasn't that great, the sky was grey as it is sometimes in Ireland.

I certainly tried to to my best regarding the weather. Hopefully, at the end of the day the sun appeared in a completely blue sky.

You will find few portraits in this post, and several landscapes too. We hope you'll enjoy the pictures !

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