Travel : South Korea

It’s been a while we posted anything here. It is always the same, your work takes more time and concentration, and then when you come home you’re just lazy and not very motivated about doing anything.

This is why holidays have been invented. Here is our first post of the year: Pictures we took in South Korea this summer.

I could talk about South Korea for hours but, if you only need to know one thing about South Korea it is about the Koreans, one of the most polite and helpful people I have ever met. We tried to talk Korean (but we’re bad!), at least to thank them. They always came to us to help finding our way in Seoul.

You have certainly heard about PSY (Gangnam Style) this year. When you listen to the guy, he is always calm, thankful, respectful and nice to everybody. He’s Korean!

Some of my friends told me that Asia is like that, friendly and helpful people everywhere. I know where I’ll go for my next holidays.



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