Family Portrait: Anne Claire’s Family

One of my coworkers recently asked me if I was interested in a family portrait session.


She is a mother of two, that was for me a new experience (I only had the opportunity to shoot families with one child) and a new challenge.


It was a great and exhausting challenge but something that you can't do alone; hopefully my bf is good with children, that helped a lot!


After a delicious meal on the Saturday evening and a gigantic breakfast, we were ready to have a walk to Emo Court (near PortLaoise).


Anne-Claire’s children had a very good time playing with a ball or running in the grass. Everybody was photographed, posing or not.


The little girl looks like a doll: blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and a pale skin.
Her brother preferred to run in the park instead of being a model. But I succeeded to have nice pictures of him and his mother.


After two hours of shooting, the children (and I) were exhausted. So, we decided to have a break in a café: hot drinks and cakes.


We really want to thank Anne-Claire and her family for the welcome and the nice time spent with them.
It was my first family shooting in Ireland and I will never forget it.



Portrait and Landscape Photography : St Anne’s Park and Bull Island

There is something really great when you are a photographer based in Dublin: when it's not raining, you have a lot of outdoor activities.

I never had the opportunity to live near the sea before. If you had, you know this is a particular way of life, you can have long walks on the beach,
you can go to see the seals, some will enjoy fishing, others will go surfing !

For this particular photo shoot we mixed two things you can do in Dublin: we went to St Anne's Park and then we finished the session by a small
shooting on the beach (Bull Island).

At the beginning of the shooting, the light wasn't that great, the sky was grey as it is sometimes in Ireland.

I certainly tried to to my best regarding the weather. Hopefully, at the end of the day the sun appeared in a completely blue sky.

You will find few portraits in this post, and several landscapes too. We hope you'll enjoy the pictures !


3 portraits to wait until the next post

Saturday was such a rainy day that we decided to go to our favourite Asian restaurant for the lunch and do some shopping. The photos below were taken in Powerscourt Centre.

So far it is one of the best place I found to shot indoor portrait photography in Dublin. I have taken a lot of pictures this week-end, and I know this post is a bit short.

But you will soon see the two new posts I am working on: shootings at St Anne’s park and Bull Island. So be patient!

Photoshoot in a Car Park

Saturday evening. 9 pm. I was on the sofa, reading a woman magazine. But I was thinking: what I would do afterwards? I didn’t want to go outside and have a drink. Neither watch a movie nor read a book. Suddenly I had this idea: do some pictures in the car park downstairs. I know it is less romantic than Connemara or less smart than some areas in Dublin. But, a car park has very interesting geometric lines and the light gives a particular atmosphere to the pictures. As usual, I need a model. “Honey, what are you doing right now? I have a great idea, but I need your help”. So, because my bf is a nice guy, we were in the lift few minutes after.

During one hour, we played with arrows, with neon lights and exit signs. I tried to take photos with different perspectives. So I took pictures lying on the floor, far away from my bf, or higher than him.  When we had around 100 pictures on the camera, we decided to go up. We were very exciting to see the result on the computer and edit some of these pictures.


Ireland is definitely a beautiful country.

Even though sometimes the rain is bothering, there are some amazing sceneries here !

The part of Ireland I prefer is Connemara, definitely something that you can’t see in another country like France. 3 weeks ago, I spent 2 days between Oranmore and Clifden, showing Connemara to Clotilde.

That was my 5th time here, and that time it was again different from my previous visits, because of the people, because of the weather and because of the season.

Our feeling in 3 words: We loved it!

We had the opportunity to shot more than a hundred pictures, in this first post on Connemara you will not see the tourist attractions, only great landscapes, some sheeps, and some ships!

If you never got the opportunity to visit Connemara, it is for me THE only place to see if you are in Ireland for two or three days: it is more authentic than Dublin, people are nice, food is great and you can find really nice pubs and good music for an affordable price !


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